Why It Can Be a Headache to Be a Landlord of Multiple Properties

When you become a landlord, you may expect profitability and ease in earning revenue. The matter of fact is that things can go in opposite direction from both perspectives. Being a landlord is usually nothing less than a troublesome business. Moreover, there can be a lot less profitability, especially when you consider the factor of time.

On the other hand, being a landlord can help you earn consistent income. Whether the prices of homes are higher or lower, you can always get tenants in your property. But then again, there are many reasons for which you may not want to own more than one rental property.

Time commitment

If you have decided to manage your rental property on your own, it is the time to say goodbye to anything that belongs to your personal or family life. You will not be able to go on vacation. You will not be able to have any weekends without work. And you might be able to have good night sleep. If you are good at managing your property, you can still expect your phone to ring any time because there are going to be prospective tenants inquiring about the property.

You will have to keep different roles

Since you are going to be the only person to manage your property in the start of your business, there are going to be many roles you will have to master. Some of those roles include:

  • Marketing representative
  • Customer support
  • Property inspector
  • Leasing agent
  • Property manager

Mental drain

Being busy is something that doesn’t describe the condition of a landlord. The occupying schedule can turn out to be very stressful. Perhaps, you would be lucky if you are able to keep your mental capabilities together while managing your rental property on your own.

Emotions influencing outcomes

If you are considering giving your property the status of a rental home, it would be easy for you to become emotionally upset. Now, you can let your emotions to influence the processes such as renovation, rehab, manage and sell. However, it would not lead to the favorable outcome.

The risk is real

When you are dealing with tenants, you may not be able to cope with the attitude of an aggressive tenant. Moreover, most of the tenants have dogs as their pets. Those dogs can be nasty. In other words, you remain close to the financial liability if you are a landlord.

Things you can do

Despite the risks, rental property business has its perks. It can be quite profitable if you manage it properly. One of the easy ways is to outsource the property management task to a firm. For this purpose, you will need to have some cash in your own bank. This little investment is going to give you better return in the long run and you will stay in peace.


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